Beat the Bride - JGA Ralley in Bonn

Beat the Bride: A Battle with the Bride

The JGA Tour through Bonn!

An interactive iPad scavenger hunt for your bachelorette party! Discover dozens of team tasks specific to the theme and challenge the bride. Creative photo and video tasks, as well as entertaining quizzes about married life, make for a varied experience. The tasks are spread out along the Rhine Promenade, in the Hofgarten and along the route to and from TIMEBREAK - you can even include a picnic. You have five hours to play the game at your own pace and take breaks.

We will provide you with everything you need for the game, including the game equipment and a bottle of sparkling wine at the game briefing. You will explore the city center of Bonn, the Rhine promenade and the Hofgarten and all tasks are only a few minutes walk away from each other. The breaks are flexible so you'll have plenty of time for a break or a café/beer garden visit in between. Best of all, via iPad you will be taking photos and videos during the tour, which we will share with you after the event. We also have a table reserved for you at the pub and if you score over 1000 points, there will be a shot on us! If you need a trolley, you can rent it on site.

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