Ancum - The Great


Joseph, better known as "Ancum the Great," is about to amaze the world once again. The illusionist is working in his secluded rooftop studio in utmost secrecy on his latest and greatest trick ever. No one knows what to expect, and even his loving assistant is completely in the dark. One thing is certain. This trick will ensure a comfortable future for them all or mean the ultimate demise of Ancum the Great and all his loved ones.

Current reviews:
* Escape Maniac Grade:
very good (9.3) (Top 50 in Germany) - Source

Attention: Not suitable for people with pacemakers! (Details gladly on request)

This game has air conditioning 🙂

Difficulty: Hard
It is advantageous if you have some experience in other rooms before this adventure. For starters, our Illuminati and Yarrum's Magic Hut rooms would be more suitable.

Languages: German, English

Minimum age: from 14 years (possible from 12 years accompanied by an adult).

(This game partly contains elements of the closed room "Attic" of Team Trapped in Venlo,NL)



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